Welcome to The Artwork of Jose Lopez Jr.!

I would like to take this moment and thank you for visiting my site and being a part of this community. I am providing my original art pieces for purchase as well as prints and apparel for everyone to enjoy.

I will continue to update the site with my new creations, blog posts and videos. I look forward to connecting with you all through my creative ventures. This journey will be a fun one for everyone involved!

Thank You,
Jose Lopez Jr.



Born in Boston, MA and raised in Tampa, FL since 9 years old, Jose has always been a creative individual when it comes to art, and music. Jose has been drawing and sketching for as long as he can remember. Some of his first artistic ventures started with drawing and painting on apparel during his junior high days. Around the same time Jose showed interest in music and tried being a dj while writing and producing. Jose decided to further his career journey into the music world as a recording engineer and music producer. He was a music producer and recording engineer for over 10 years, but always continued to sketch and draw. As time went on Jose made a slight transition into the graphic art world by doing logos, flyers, posters, business cards, and advertising designs. His next artistic journey went into designing and creating mobile games. With all the different career avenues Jose embarked on, he continued to draw and sketch, always being creative; and thus began his venture into the fine art realm. Jose loves to create with charcoal, airbrush, acrylics, digital and many other mediums.

With the fine art pieces that Jose works on, he hopes for you to see life through his creative eyes, one painting at a time. His paintings consist of things and events that inspire him, from past experiences and new daily life inspirations. Stories that move him are the key ingredients to each of his original pieces. To see ones eye light up when they resonate with one of his art pieces is tremendously rewarding to him. Jose is providing original paintings, prints, and apparels of his own IP’s (Intellectual Properties) for purchase. 

Thank You For Visiting: www.jlopezjr.com